Technology Projects

Our experts have experience providing delay and quantum analyses for Technology projects; and providing independent assessments of owner and contractor claims.  As experts, they have analyzed and issued opinions for delay and quantum matters on billions of dollars in dispute for technically complex projects.

Data Center

USA – On behalf of the generator subcontractor for a data center in Colorado, prepared a delay analysis and expert report.    

Electronics Facility

USA – On behalf of the Owner in international arbitration, prepared an independent schedule delay analysis pertaining to the construction of a computer chip manufacturing plant. 


USA – On behalf of a conveyor belt manufacturer in the automotive industry against a subcontractor, prepared a defensive strategy and damages claim.

USA – On behalf of a subcontractor on a expansion project of an ethylene plant in Louisiana, prepared an assertive strategy and damages claim. 

USA – On behalf of a subcontractor terminated for convenience from a project to build a metal finishing facility in California, provided an assertive strategy and prepare a damages claim.

Puerto Rico – On behalf of the U.S Government (Defense Personnel Support Center) in litigation.  Retained by government counsel to prepare a defense to a contractor’s claim for wrongful termination from a government project to build a facility for the manufacture of chemical protective suits.

Ship Construction

USA – On behalf of a mechanical contractor in Washington State in litigation against the engineer on the construction of a ship, prepared a delay analysis and expert report.

Software Development

USA – On behalf of the Contractor for a computer software development project in arbitration, prepared a schedule delay analysis.

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