About Us

We are a breed apart.

We are independent subject matter experts for schedule delay, quantum, and distressed project recovery. We bring together some of the brightest minds with decades of experience to solve some of the biggest challenges.

Unique in the Industry

Our team of experts is comprised of theorists, seasoned hands-on professional construction industry practitioners, and legal/commercial construction contract scholars.

Subject Matter Delay & Quantum Experts

We are independent experts on the analysis of delays and quantum. We have only subject matter experts prepare our work products including the production of delay and quantum calculations, performing analyses and collection of evidence, and authoring of expert reports. Our testifying experts have years of experience presenting in US State and Federal Courts including jury trials, and before international mediations and Tribunals.

Distressed Project Recovery Experts

We are successful subject matter distressed project recovery experts because we are experienced field construction project professionals. We provide the complete suite of skills to recover distressed projects including recovery strategies, contract alignment and resolution of claims and settlement of disputes, planning expertise, and key leadership for strategy implementation and recovery progress.

100% Success Rate to Restore Distressed Projects

We have a 100% success rate for clients that retain our services to restore distressed projects.

Skill Sets and International Experience

We have the skill sets and international experience to address complex, challenging construction project disputes and distressed situations.

Litigation Support

We are an independent forensic firm that completes objective and systematic investigations and analyses to determine the quantification of delay/delay mitigation/acceleration/disruption, causation, and quantum of large, complex construction project disputes. Our team of experts provide clients with unbiased reporting to facilitate the accurate determination of liability while maintaining an impartial stance throughout all stages of litigation and dispute proceedings.

Volume Dispute Document Control Expertise

We have the IT/document control expertise to manage large volumes of project records with cutting-edge record search, security protocols, and hack-proof tools. If necessary, we can build a dedicated server and secure network for a specific case. We provide advanced EDR (Enhanced Detection and Response) protection backed by a 24/7/365 SOC (Security Operations Center) that monitors security in real-time.

100% Success Rate for Construction Project Disputes

We have a 100% success rate for clients that retain our services for construction project disputes with legal merit.

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